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Company Resume

        In 1988 I started R.C. Rheault Construction. We did a lot of work renovating apartments for landlords and did a lot of residential renovations and additions. We found it would be beneficial to become licensed deleaders.
       In 1992 I formed Oxford Deleading Inc. We were doing a lot of work for community development projects and the private sector. Being this diverse we became busy and the companies began to grow.
       In 1993 I merged the two companies to form R.C. Rheault Construction / Division of Oxford Deleading Inc. to help simplify the paperwork and finances. We were doing a lot of general contracting and wanted to expand more into commercial work.
      In 1994 Two of my associates, Paul Hartland, Russ Dion and I formed H.D.R Construction Inc. to handle strictly the commercial work. We were doing a lot of work for hospitals and businesses. We were also targeting the ADA compliance work. We acted as general contractors and maintained our own work force.
      In 1997 R.C. Rheault Construction / Division of Oxford Deleading Inc. absorbed H.D.R. Construction Inc. to form one unified company. This was done to simplify payroll, insurance, finances and scheduling of manpower. Paul, Russ and I became equal partners in the new company.
     In 2000 Paul, Russ and I formed Tri Properties, Inc. We purchased, rehabbed and now manage 21 units of income property in Webster and Millville.
     In 2001 Paul, Russ and I formed Hemlock Properties, LLC. We purchased land and buildable lots in Thompson, Ct and are in the process of developing the lots. We developed and sold 3 of the lots and are holding 32 acres for future development.                                    
     In September of 2001 we also completed the construction of our new offices at 8 Lind Street in Oxford.
     In May of 2003 Paul, Russ and I completed training to become Mold Remediation Specialists.
     In the Spring of 2005 we added a fence division, which sells, manufactures and installs all types of commercial and residential fencing.
     In October of 2006 we sold the fence division.
     When I first started the company I was the sole employee. As the company grew I hired and trained new employees. At present we now employ 19 people and have a fleet of 12 trucks doing all aspects of construction work from Boston to Springfield.
     In addition to this, my family and I have four companies, Rheault Apartments LLC, 8 Lind Street LLC, Rheault Properties LLP and Savory Crossing LLC. We currently own and manage 29 residential units and 3 commercial units.

     Licenses: Massachusetts Construction Supervisor    023856
                     Massachusetts Home Improvement Contractor    103370
                     Massachusetts Deleading Contractor    DC801
                     Mold Remediation Specialist   03334
                     Massachusetts CDL Driverís License   024480495
                     Massachusetts Lead Safe Renovator Contractor           

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